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  • Will you come to my site to provide a quote?
    We provide in-house design which allows us to show you our products and hardware. We use computer aided design software so you can see a rendered finish of the project. For a free no- obligation design consultation, please come into our showroom with either your real estate plans or some rough measurements of the space. When the project goes ahead we will always come out and do a full check measure if we are installing the product.
  • Do you sell appliances?
    No we do not sell appliances, however we are happy to work with any range of appliances which you may choose. If you are looking for new appliances, we have a relationship with Winnings Appliances which may afford a better price point.
  • Which goes first - the kitchen or the floors?
    The kitchen looks better on a finished floor. However, some people choose to run the flooring up to the kitchen cabinet base. If you have floating floors please call and discuss the best solution for you.
  • Do you supply a plumber and electrician?
    We do not have these trades in-house, however we can recommend plumbers and electricians
  • Do you remove the existing kitchen?
    We can recommend someone who can take it out.
  • Do you replace just doors and panels?
    Yes. We can supply just doors and panels but you would need to give us a cutting list of the height + width of each piece and the positioning of the hinge holes. You would need to install the new doors and panels yourself, or organise a separate handyman/carpenter to assist.
  • Can I get my kitchen flat packed and install myself?
    Yes, we can supply your kitchen flat packed. We can also assemble the carcasses for you as well, all you have to do is ask.
  • Can I have a set of plans with my quote?
    We provide a 3D drawing with our quotes. If you are happy and would like to go ahead we will give you the full set of plans once a deposit is paid.
  • I don't want handles on my kitchen - what are my options?
    To achieve the handle-less look you can either use a Push To Open system (available in all door materials) or Shark nose (Finger Pull) system (only available in Polyurethane).
  • Do you do other joinery?
    Yes. We do other joinery. We make wardrobes, vanities and entertainment units to say a few. We are more than happy to discuss your ideas! Just speak to someone in our showroom.
  • If I send you my architects plans can you work out a quote?
    Yes. Please send your plans over via email with some notes and we can work out a quote for you. We do recommend that once the first quote is done for you to pop into the showroom to see all the different options and internal fittings
  • Do you have a colour consultant?
    We have on display a full range of samples for doors and benchtops. We are happy to consult with colour and finish. Often our clients who are doing full home renovations will use a colour consultant so their kitchen works in harmony with the other finishes within their home.
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