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Different Door Materials

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

Melamine $

Melamine is a low pressure laminate which is applied to a substrate being either particleboard or MDF

Pro: Melamine is a durable material which being pre-finished allows for a quick fabrication time. It also comes in a variety of finishes from Matt to Woodgrain

Con: Being an edged board the edges can be visible; more so on lighter colours. We have now introduced Laser Edging which reduces the visibility of the edge join. Please come into the showroom to have a look.

Thermolaminate (Vinyl wrap) $$

Thermolaminate is a material which is heat shrunken onto MDF. Being a molded material it allows for a variety of patterned doors and panels to be covered in a durable material.

Pro: The doors are seamless with no edging visible. Doors may have a pattern in the face. Provides a similar door finish to polyurethane but with a high impact resistance.

Con: The colour selection available is not as wide as that of Melamine doors. When installing these doors attention needs to be given to the placement of doors that are near sources of heat. It is advised to place heat shields beside an oven.

Polyurethane (2 Pac) $$$

Polyurethane is a spray painted door.

Pro: Can be any paint colour (for example, a Dulux colour) and is available in a variety of gloss levels. Like Thermolaminate this door is available in a wide range of door face patterns and edge profiles. Commonly this door is used in kitchens where you don't wish to show a handle

Con: Polyurethane although the most decorative finish is also the most delicate.

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